Shubh Matrimony Is fraud?

Shubh Matrimony Is fraud

Shubh Matrimony is a fraudulent company. This is the way they operate- First they send you completely fake profiles keeping in mind they fit your needs. For example, they will change the location of the boy/girl in the profile to match yours so they seem like a more attractive prospect to you. Then they will establish contact with you or wait for you to contact them.


They will quote a nominal sum like Rs 2500-3500 and assure you that the other party is also interested in you and they will establish contact between both parties as soon as the payment is made. They will talk sweet and try very hard to convince you to join. They will even tell you that they have fixed many marriages in the past and even give you names and numbers of those people you can talk to. THESE ARE ALL FAKE. They will do everything to sound convincing.

If you resist these people very much then you will notice how their tone changes. You will be able to sense their frustration. If you do get trapped in their web of lies and deposit money in their account then forget about ever hearing from them again. If you call on their number it will either go unanswered, or the “agent” you were talking to wont be available at the moment, or some excuse. Eventually, you will realize that you’ve been duped.

In my experience, I have found that most of these frauds were from MP or Chhattisgarh (or at least gave their address as such, from Jabalpur, Bhilai, Raipur, Bhopal etc). They will have name like Shubh Matrimony, Shubh Vivah or some ethnic/auspicious sounding variation.

If you must use matrimonial services then go for trusted names. And only contact verified profiles on those sites.

From Mr. Singh


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