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I am writing to seek the explanation about a recent extremely frustrating experience I had with Jet Airways overbooked flight and compensation of 9W2368 on 01 May, 2017. As I have submitted a complaint to the airline. But no response was received in the time the airline informed.

I have received redundant postponement, and I might be received repostponement inevitably. So, I would like to submit our complaint details (as follows) to relevant agencies for information and please follow the complaint to ensure fairness and maintain the rights of passengers.

1. On 01 May, 2017 I, Ms.Prapavadee Charnsri together with Ms.Chada Benjawan, and Ms.Uthaiwan Sanyamoon arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi at 03.45 a.m., approximately 2 hours prior departure time for our flight (9W2368) to Leh Ladakh, departure time is 05.40 a.m. refer to e-ticket itinerary/receipt (date of issue: Tuesday 18 Apr, 2017 place of issue: BOMZZ) booking reference TOXIFQ.

We have submitted the e-ticket itinerary document to the check-in staff (male1), surprisingly frustrated, we were informed that your flight was overbooked, and we did not check-in online before arriving at check-in counter and the airline has never had a passenger no show
therefore we were unable to fly on this flight.

We asked the check-in staff (male 1) that can transfer us to another airline or not. But check-in staff (male 1) was indicated that others airlines in this route are also full booking, If we want to travel to Leh Ladakh, we will had to contact the airline by ourselves.

When we are denied to travel on 01 May, 2017, we asked the officer in order to ensure our journey by issuing new boarding pass or other official document for new flight as soon as possible and we offerred the day traveling back on 07 May, 2017. The senior customer assistant (female 1) did not provide any instructions to solve our problems as we should.

The senior customer assistant (male 2) and senior customer assistant (female 1) offerred the option to pay compensation in according to airline policy for us those are accommodation compensation and cash (INR 10, 000) per person, we chose to receive cash.

After receiving the compensation, we need to be moved from the airport but we are unable to do because airline staff did not take care the passenger with the security officer at the airport.

2. We had booked and issued ticket on 04 November, 2016 and had got e-ticket itinerary/receipt which identified the status to confirm booking through e-mail, the information of contact person including the e-mail address and phone number have been shown in e-ticket itinerary.

3. After we got the exact itinerary, we had planned and booked the accommodation, transportation and tours in Delhi and Leh Ladakh the months in advance.

4. On 12 April, 2017 contact person (Ms.Cha-da Benjawan) had found e-mail from [email protected] sent on date 19 February, 2017 in junkmail informed the change of schedule, then she has replied to [email protected] about our problems.

5. On 18 April, 2017 we had repiled that we can’t accept the schedule changed to [email protected]
6. On 18 April, 2017 Ms.Cha-da Benjawan received a phone call from the number +91 172-6622900 (Chandigarh, india) (see attached 8) the operator informed and change the date of travel from 03 May, 2017 to 01 May, 2017 as we requested.

7. We had notified the accommodation and tour company in Leh Ladakh about changing our day trip.


As a result of not being able to fly on that flight as follow

1. We lost a day of our planned vacation to India which intend to travel to Leh Ladakh. We missed many attractions in Leh Ladakh because of yours changed the date .In addition, the tour company not responsible if our flight is delayed or canceled, we had to pay same amount.

2. The travel to Leh Ladakh we must follow the recommodation of health and family welfare department Leh Ladakh to prevent moutntain sickness, which take table diamox (250mg) twice a day, two days before the journey. We arrived Delhi on 29 April, 2017 refer to eticket itinerary/receipt (date of issue: Tuesday 18 Apr, 2017 place of issue: BOMZZ) so we started taking medicine and we had side effects of diamox is in the hands and severe muscle cramps which affects daily life in Delhi.

3. We want to relax in more natural attrattions than in dusty cityscapes and crowded.

4. When we arrived Leh Ladakh, we asked tour agent to bring us to local airline office to make sure we able to fly the departure flight on 07 May, 2017, local staff informed we should online check-in 24 hours in advance before schedule time of departure, because internet signal is not stable in
Leh Ladakh, we worried that our travel may be uncertain again.

5. From the schedule changed and overbooked which effects our planned and coordinated with the accommodation and tour company several times make us wasted of time.

We feel this extreme disappointment experience, we are entitled to more compensation, especially since you had a contractual obligation to reserve and hold my seat as well as to take us to destination on the specified date and time in with customer service awareness and passenger rights. as follow

1. From the data in the obtained of the airline the “terms and conditions – general” about reservation: “we kindly request you to supply a contact number during reservation for each city in your itinerary. this will enable us to inform you of any irregularity with a flight on which you are booked.

2. From the document DGCA civil aviation requirements section 3 – air transport series “M”. Part IV issue I, dated 6th august, 2010, described that reservation definitions, we had a confirmed booking, why were we chosen to be responsible for ticket overbooking?

3. From the document DGCA civil aviation requirements section 3 – air transport series “M”. Part IV issue I, dated 6th august, 2010), described that in case of denied boarding an airline must first ask for volunteers to give up their seats so as to make seats available for other booked passengers to travel on the flight. We arrived the airport and in the queue at check-in counter approximately 2 hours prior departure time. Why we do not have an opportunity and see the airline to ask for a volunteers. What are your criteria for refusing a passengers?

4. From the document DGCA civil aviation requirements section 3 – air transport series “M”. Part IV issue I, dated 6th august, 2010 (page 4, 3.2.2 b), described that case of denied boarding the airline shall compensate the passengers as per the provisions, if airline arranges alternate flight that is scheduled to depart more than 24 hours of the booked scheduled departure, the airline shall compensate the passengers an amount equal to 400% of booked one-way basic fare plus airline fuel charge, subject to maximum of INR 20, 000.

5. For our case refer to eticket itinerary/receipt (date of issue: Tuesday 18 Apr, 2017 place of issue: BOMZZ) booking reference TOXIFQ, Flight 9W2368 depart from Delhi on 01 May, 2017 05.40 hrs changed refer to eticket itinerary/receipt (date of issue: Monday 01 May, 2017 place of issue: DELKI) booking reference TOXIFQ (see attached 2), Flight 9W2368 depart from Delhi on 01 May, 2017 05.40 hrs. That is the time more than 24 hours.Why do we have received the compensation value of INR 10, 000.
At that time, we had to accept compensation. Because we can not check the conditions of the airline. There are restrictions on access to the internet of the airport. We have a limited time and we urgently get money from your staff.

6. We asked for the document loading distribution message (LDM) of flight 9W2368 on 01 May, 2017 (aircraft nationality and registration mark VT-JGX and aircraft type B737)

7. We asked for the document showing the check-in timeline for flight 9W2368 on 01 May, 2017.

8. We have plans to travel to India again. Do you offers advice on choosing airlines or how to buy a reliable ticket?
Hopefully, We look forward to hearing from you about the resolution of this matter with your prompt response.


Prapavadee Charnsri


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