Should I join in DBA Mohali

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Should I join in DBA Mohali?: DBA (DYNAMIC BENEFICIAL ACCORD MARKETING PVT LTD ) Should I join in DBA Mohali? located in mohali 9th phase , plot no 580 , is a fraudulent company whose Director is Roshan SIng Bist , Natasha , BIjai Rai .., It will say you It deals with fashion …but be carefull friends do not spoil your life in joining this company .. It is MLM company (chain making Company ) ..this company does not come under IDSA but they will say it is in list .. first of all they will say you to join 7 days training and charge Rs. 1000 . they do not give any Bill , just by earning trust they say “WAIT & WATCH ” and take money . these people says to call your friends so that they can be manipulated easily , they are giving training 2 times in month & earning huge income , after entering in it’s hall you will see no garments at all only people & people .. they are increasing day by day . Now you will sit in round table and a person will apply mind tricks on you , He will ask you your name , where you are from , family member , father income , what you are doing now .. he will tell you types of business .. They will stupidly explain you about business ..and try to earn your trust. now 7 days training period 1) Target (tell you to keep high aims ) 2) touring ( how two fraudlent people walk togther ) 3) ABP setting ( how to capture your friend ) 4) T-UP ( how to impress & fool other ) 5 ) 5 min chit chat ( how to make strangers fool ) 6 ) Name LIst ( how you will fill fraud games ) 7 ) Exchange information ( How to keep friend waited & distroy his physhi ) 8 ) Seniour Advisor ( they will force you to listen ) 9 ) 3 why ( why your friend fraud you ) 10 ) Calculations ( the most stupidest thing ever … they will not permit you to write , boast you on 5th day , this is inleagal flow of money , it is just 1 person 5 leg procedure ) In 7 days training they will apply all mind tricks , and force both Bridge & Prospectus talk togther , they will say Greed , Dishonesty , Vanity , Lust , Compassion , Credulity , Irresponsibility …talk about belief , dreams only 10 & 12 class people … they only teach calling friend & ask for money .they will force you to listen but when you ask in deep they will say WAIT & WATCH BROTHER . This company is selling its rank 39 rank cost Rs 1.5 Lakh , 29 rank cost Rs 55000 , 20 rank cost Rs 8000 .. you have to deposit money and they will mentally torture you to call your friends & give money … No one think about garments (Fashion dealing ) now .. Now your life is compleatly distroyed … you roam road to road to fulfil your 5 legs many of my friends deposited 2 lacks of Rs they cry everyday …they remain hungry whole day & night and eat food in gurudwara , Sleep very less at night .This company consist of poor suckers , fools , Greedy Dishonest people , Cupid Convincer , Trust Sucker .., They play house of games ..Many people are Drug Dealer working here . this company is manipulating & misleading people , They just teach in 7 days how to earn trust & do not speak anything atonce WAIT & WATCH (uncell ) , this company is increasing enemity amoung people .. but they just call them sineour , Plz check quality of garments of Rs 8000 & 55000 , they force to buy in order to make their chain broader . Plz ARREST those boys those are giving 5th day calculation that is inlegal flow of money. this company is giving Salary to people to manipulate & make fool other 12000 , 18000 , 24000 , 63000 , this company is forcing to write about dreams , reasons ….so that they will take out money from you (CHORI UPAR SE SENA JORI ) Garments are not any concerned .. if anyone is paying 8000 Rs They will say : Agar tumhari maa ko kuch ho jaye to kaise paisa doge ? and force you for 55000 Rs . Now I will request all my brother & Sister not to join this company & become Helpless victim .Modi Government must BAN this company , Plz varify Environment here .. this company made 44 crore inleglly first year ,96 crore inleglly Second year , 200 + Crore inleglly this year .. this company is opening 3 more branch to fool people … Plz Cancell company Registration…Please Impose Heavy Fine in this company .. Please Please IDSA must Arrest Roshan SIng Bist , Natasha , BIjai Rai they must Sentence to life Imprisonment for Fooling Young generation . lets make effort to Protect Humanity & make india a Better place of living . DBA FRAUD

Should I join in DBA Mohali?


Ye company Sach me fraud Hai mere dosto
me bhi is company me gya tha
7 days ke liye mene 2000 rs bhi diye
yahan jo bache dusre bacho ko bulate h . wo unhe company ki sachai nahi btate
agar kuch pucho ki hame yahan kaam kya karna h to sirf yahi jawab milega ki it is dealing with fashion .or aap pehle 7 days training lagao
mere dosto me ye chahata hu ki koi bhi is company ko join na kare
jo ise join karega wo apna paisa or time dono barbad karega

Should I join in DBA Mohali?

Don’t ever try to join in DBA Mohali, It’s absolutely fraud It’s chain system to make people fool


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