ICICI charging 111.24 on Dcardfee

am the A/c holder of ICICI Bank from last 3.5 years, I am having a zero balance a/c,
Now they have started charging Rs.111.24 under this category (DCARDFEE).
I am not aware what type of charges are these.
They never informed me regarding these charges either by Email or by Letter.
Who has given right to ICICI bank to deduct the money without informing us.
Because we kept the money in Bank that give right to Bank that they can do anything whatever they want.

There should be some formal process for doing all these things. I want my money to be credited in my a/c which they have deducted from my a/c.same happend in last 5 months back agin its happen

A/c No: 041001511033

Sr.No Date Description* Cr/Dr Amount
1 25/06/2013 DCARDFEE2012MAY13-APR14ST12.24 DR INR 111.24

Kindly help in getting my money back.

Nagarjuna D


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