HDFC Complaint by Consumers

HDFC Complaint :

HDFC Bank Credit Card complaint


This is Bhavish. I have a credit card No. XXXXXXXXX from HDFC Bank. I’m not using that credit card from past 6-7 months but making payment of minimum balance, now there was some outstanding on my a/c which I didn’t pay Because I’m not financial sound and recently I join a company after 8 months without job, I request him to give me 2 or 3 months time to recover self & start making payment of minimum balance.

HDFC Complaint

Now I am getting calls from (Tel. : No. +911143145100/ 43145300/43145000/ 66219061/9310344981/9310478907/66219031) the HDFC Bank (a person) and he harassed me & my family members and telling me to borrow money from relatives & neighbours or whosoever, they even call my wife & threatening her that if I’m not able to make the payment she’ll ruined her Job.

The representatives are talking shit. They are abusing in Hindi language and hight of bull shit that they called up to my curent organisation at all the extensions and abusing everybody even to my Seniors. They have register a complaint against HDFC Bank.Numbers were +911143145100/ 43145300/43145000/ 66219061/9310344981/9310478907/66219031.

The credit card is issued in my Name and neither my wife nor any of my family members is supposed to do anything with my credit cards.

HDFC Complaint

The person infect threatened my Mother whose (50+) & my Father whose (55+) to make the payment on my behalf.

HDFC Bank people harass customer in name of collection.

HDFC Complaint

Now you tell what should i do as when i was talking to HDFC people politly you people started abusing. Either you people abuse me or take your payment. So after listening such bullshit abusive language its not at possible that i will pay you people. i have my respect and your bank has given authorization to recovery agent to say anything whatever they want. They are saying teri maa ki and mere ghar aa jao and you people are expecting i will pay. I am very sorry for the same.

Please block my card and saving account too as i dont want to carry any relation with this bank. I was a very good customer but just because i did not pay for 2 months you people are created so much cheos for me, even i told my problems and asked for 1 week then too i listen that bull shit.

Please tell me what should I do?

HDFC Complaint



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  1. Reg : Signature mismatch on Address change request

    Old Card no : 5522xxxxxxxx2594

    I have been holding the HDFC credit card for 9 years . Due to commitments on transaction with Credit card, HDFC customer care had placed upgrade request (Religare card) and have accepted the same on Nov month itself. Since Delivery address holding in my credit card database is different , I have gone to HDFC account branch directly and posted the address change form request in the Dropbox for 3 times .But all the 3 times, it was rejected and got the response as signature mismatch.

    In general, regular signature is in practice which is not same always
    for the tenure of 9 years with specimen signature .

    This time , i have declared signature mismatch for credit card processing along with change of address request.

    So Please consider the declaration and process the delivery of upgraded card to the address given in the change of address request.

    Srisailesan S.R

  2. Shittiest bank to be with, I had 4 late payments in 2016 on my existing loan and I did informed regarding that to your bank. At that time when I wanted to move on you guys said don’t worry Sir when you will need us in future we will be there with you..No need to go to any other bank.after that when I asked for loan in January 2017 I was said that because my credit score is down they are unable to process it but now it’s April and my score is above 710 which is good enough to process my loan but again it has been rejected due to the same old 4 late payments which you guys said it’s fine,we will keep a note of that as you informed us before and now your representative says that it cannot be process after taking all the documents.I just received a call from your representative saying that please provide the name and in written which employee told you this..I never knew Hdfc is ran by different individuals and not as an organisation..It’s painful for me now but iL make sure it’s not been happening anymore with anyone else..I have everything recorded this time. I’ll go to all consumer forums and public platforms as well to bring your real face of bad customer service and false promises which you make with your customers..I just received a call from your employee and now you guys are asking for your own employee details from me who made those false promises. I never knew Hdfc is run by individuals. It’s horrible to know this of a brand like this.I have recorded everything and I will now go to all consumer forums to make sure you guys repay for this. This is the type of customer service you guys provide to your customers. You guys are all full of false promises and lies just making your customers run behind you.
    Hi Team,
    As expected there has been no response from you guys related to my loan application and it’s quite obvious of you guys. You guys have always done this wrong with a customer and you are least bothered about the issues your customer is facing. There has been lot of issues and a lot of sorry from you guys but nothing to make me happy. I will make sure this reaches to all people and people worry about having a relation with a bank like this as it is very important. I will be leaving you guys short as well..This is to bring in your knowledge that it’s been a really painful journey with you guys in the last 8 months, recently I had a request a loan from you guys of 4 lakhs on an urgent basis, and I was promised that it will be processed in 4 days, I submitted all the documents on the very 1st day I met your representatives. I had 3 late payments on my existing loan and I did informed Hdfc regarding that in advance as there was some major crisis in my life. At that time I was told that don’t worry Sir,you have been a loyal customer for us and we understand and we are there for you in future but now it’s the 3rd time my loan request has been cancelled due to same reasons. Other banks did offered me the money and to bring the existing loan as well with them because my credit score is 712 which is good for them but you guys just for the reason which I did informed prior have rejected my loan..Its not fair as I could have gone to any other bank but because I thought you are there and my salary also gets credited in your bank, and while taking all the documents you guys say don’t worry it will be processed, and waste time and then say no to a loyal customer.I will take it to consumer forum as I have it everything documented and to public platforms..It’s a shame treating a customer like this. I will be leaving Hdfc bank asap. Disgusting service.
    Loan application-46994960
    Mob number-9168775245

  3. Dear sir
    Account No. ++++++++44+4
    On may 82018 on the same day two times Rs 708 was deducted from my HDFC account.Almost Rs1400 was deducted and they didn’t inform this deduction through mail or message.
    Without any information Deducting money from my account describing AMB charge INCL GST. This bank is harassing their customer by deducting such amount without any information. This is not fair that you are harassing your customer by such deductions without prior information. So i am requesting you to refund all this amount in my account otherwise I will do complaint against this to RBI and Consumer Forum.

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