fund from CSR base

PR Nair
Same like Cheated like 10110 cheated on much company scenario is happening with us also. We are also in touch with Fiinovation.they told me to raise fund from CSR base. Then my mind flashes and i think let me check if it is a fraud or not. because Delhi is famous for Fraud cases . They lure NGO in name of fund Raising.So Be Aware of it.

Rahul Raghuwanshi


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One thought on “fund from CSR base

  1. How to save our-self from these kinds of frauds which has done by FIINOVATION pvt. ltd. company. These kinds of companies increasing there roots day by day, if we still hold silence it will become a big fraud tree on our beloved country’s land.

    We already have some resources but we need more to stop them to take it out from the roots.
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